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Pocono Rentals

Renting a place in the Poconos can be a fantastic idea no matter what your interest in the region is. A lot of people find the Poconos a great place to get away from it all, and there are so many things to do! Regardless of your age, gender, personality or any other characteristic that defines you, the Poconos will have something to offer that will make your stay a fun one. You will find everything from city life to the outdoors, sometimes in the span of just a few miles. As the seasons change, so do the activities you can enjoy. Please check the rest of the pages via the sidebar for full information on what’s to be found to keep you occupied while you’re in our area.

But you wanted to know why you would rent a place, as opposed to staying at a hotel or something similar, right? And, of course, there are many options when renting, and we’ll cover those, too. It’s very simple; you can easily rent a property for a whole month with what you would pay for a week or two at a decent hotel. Rentals can be found by the week, the month, and of course, by the year. Short term rentals will usually come furnished, and will be somewhat more expensive than a long term contract, but still worth it.

Being in your own place, even if it’s a rental, allows you a lot more convenience than staying at a hotel. You will have your privacy, for one, as well as the freedom (within legal limits, of course) of doing whatever you please, when you please. Also, think about what comes with a house that usually won’t come with a hotel. A kitchen (not to mention a backyard with barbecue possibilities, try barbecuing in your hotel room)! Besides lodging, meals are probably the largest single expense while on vacation. We did not mention airfare as a high expense on purpose. We are assuming most of our readers live within a few hours’ drive of the Poconos, and as such will be arriving in their own vehicles.

And, finally, no need for a reservation or to be told that the hotel is full, or you’ll have to make do with a room that doesn’t really fit your needs, but is the only one left.

The Poconos, as mentioned already, makes for a great getaway, so if you are planning on being a frequent visitor, you’ll save a lot of money by having a place of your own, along with all the convenience that implies. I know, you’re not planning on moving here, so why would you want a full time place? Do the math based on your situation. How many times a year will you be coming here? Add up the expected hotel fees and whatnot, and see how close it comes to the cost of renting a place full time.

Still doesn’t justify itself? Have you considered that you, in turn, can rent the place by the week when you’re not using it? Your stays may end up being free once all is said and done, with the transient sub-renters paying enough money to cover all your rent, and then some. I know several people who are doing this, and have been doing it, for a long while.

Certain times of year, the Poconos get very crowded due to special events or seasonal tourists. A week’s rental of a barebones place during NASCAR Race Weekend can easily go for $3,000. That’s 3 to 6 months’ rent right there, just for a week. Winter brings Ski Season, which also commands a premium. If you’re not into skiing, or just won't be here the whole season, you can rent your place out by the week to the skiers, and cover entire months of rent in a handful of weeks. And those are just two examples.

Sounds like something you would like to pursue? Contact us, no obligation, and we will work with you to understand your situation, help you go through the options, and even find a place. We are not Realtors, but we know the area and can connect you with the right people, find properties that meet your criteria and needs, and in general assist you as your “man on the ground”. Heck, you may be so pleased that you'll invite us to your first barbecue here! And we'd be honored.